Summer Solstice Festival Goes Virtual Due to COVID-19

“While we are certainly heartbroken to make this announcement, we feel it is in the best interest and welfare of our community,”

Robin Elander, Executive Director of Summer Solstice Celebration.

Worldwide current health emergency due to outbreak of CoronaVirus, to protect health of community is very important. Many industries and companies advised their employees to work from home. Conferences, meetings and gatherings are canceled. Technology is helping a lot in these difficult situations. Santa Barbara Summer solstice celebration has also decided to go virtual which was expected to be held at Alameda Park. The 3 day workshop from June 19-21was expected to attract 75000 crowd from annual Solstice community.

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice festival organizers are committed to keeping energetic spirit alive and thriving amid a public health emergency.

“We are in the process of planning a plethora of free and donation-based online classes and gatherings in May and June, and possibly beyond,” “We invite the community to apply to join us in hosting these online offerings.”


Online classes, gatherings, and virtual parties will be organized for the longest day of the year. Summer solstice 2020 festival party will go virtual. It’s been called one of a kind in America and has been featured on national TV travel and entertainment shows including Good Morning America.

Hopefully this virtual party will thrive smile on the faces of the community. And it will provide an energy to fight COVID-19 with a new way of living. Kindly stay home stay safe..!

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