Qualities of a Good Speaker

Leader connects with people
Leader connects with people

Trembling body, sweaty hands, shuddered voice and bumping heart. Is this your feeling when you are standing on the podium or when you are in front of public to deliver a speech? If your answer is ‘yes’, then don’t panic, because you are not alone. More than 70% of the population admit having some sort of anxiety.

Today, we will help you to conquer your fears, make you confident and a great speaker. But before going into the details remember that, the great speakers are not born, rather they are made.

So, here are the five essential qualities that can make you a great and an influential speaker.


Confidence is the most basic and most important thing of all other attributes that can make you a successful speaker. This is the quality that gives you the power and courage to speak what you want. A highly confident speaker is considered to be more certain, accurate, competent, knowledgeable and intelligent. Well, it’s so natural to be nervous while speaking in front of many people, but you can overcome this.

If you have practiced your speech several times, then your confidence will naturally flow. The    key is to practice, practice and practice. One of the greatest ways to boost up your confidence is to     practice in front of a mirror. In addition, you can do some mental and physical exercise, like deep breathing, meditation and stretching. These can relieve your stress, so that you could deliver a powerful presentation.

Voice Modulations

The voice of a good speaker sparkles with the change. Talking in a single tone can diminish the interest of audience, because it seems too rehearsed. So always try to change your pitch, volume and speed accordingly. To practice in voice modulation, record your voice two or three times and listen afterwards. You will then get the idea where and when you can modify your tone.

Connect with the Audience

A speech is like a conversation where you communicate with the people to deliver your ideas to them. So, try to create an atmosphere where everyone wants to listen to you.

     The best ways to connect with your audience are;

  • Tell short and interesting stories.
  • Be aware of needs and demands of your audience
  • Create humor and jokes, more likely on yourself.
  • Use appropriate body language to stimulate attention of your audience.

Keep it Short and Simple

One quality of good speakers is that they make their speech simple, precise and to the point. Your audience may not know the very basic things, so always try to draft your speech in a way as to understandable for all. So, for this purpose:

  • Use short sentences.
  • Use easy and everyday language (don’t show your expertise by using tough vocabulary)
  • Use examples or metaphors that appeal to majority of the people.

If you are given 30 minutes to deliver a speech, never try to cover up all the time, rather wind-up your speech before 5-10 minutes and give rest of the time to the audience for question answering session. This will make your speech more vivacious and interesting. As it is well said, “it is best to leave when the applause is at its loudest”.

 Be Yourself

The final, perhaps, very necessary quality of a good speaker is being yourself. It does not matter how much you have rehearsed your speech/presentation, if you won’t be yourself, you cannot catch the attention of your audience. They would consider you as insincere and a liar. Your authenticity connects you to your audience and thus, they will be authentic with you too. So, never try to copy someone rather inspire people with the original ‘you’.

All in all, these are the 5 qualities of a good speaker. By emulating these you will turn from a ‘good’ to ‘wow’ speaker. Practice, take a deep breath, calm your mind, be yourself and own the room.

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