Pubg Mobile Lite vs. Pubg Mobile (2020)

Very recently, Pubg was upgraded version 0.18 and it’s new season 13 launched. The new version named as Pubg Mobile Madmiramar has been reported to have too many bugs. And several users switched to the Pubg Mobile Lite version. In this post, I’m going to compare what’s the main difference between the two versions of Pubg game.

Pubg Lite

Pubg Lite’s name describes everything about the game. It is the lite version of the main game, meaning that this version of Pubg is intended at the low-end mobile devices. If your device has less RAM, CPU power or it doesn’t support high graphics, you should be using Pubg Lite version.

Although Pubg Lite has wider compatibility, it is also a fact that this game doesn’t offer a rich experience as the main version does. You will find the animations to be less realistic as compared to the new version.

Moreover, if you are on a slower connection, then you can download Pubg Lite easily as compared the main version. The main version comes in a huge OBB data size.

Pubg Mobile

The main version of the game brings you a complete gaming experience. It comes in a huge size but you can download Pubg compressed OBB and APK from here if you are on a slow connection.

If your device doesn’t have sufficient power, you may find Pubg to lag. Moreover, you device may get hotter as a lot of processing power is required to run the graphic-rich Pubg game and your Android device’s CPU performs at its fullest when you are playing this game.


Pubg Lite doesn’t offer a good gaming experience, but if your device has restrictions, you should download and install Pubg Lite. If your device has sufficient power and if you are on a fast internet connection, you should download and install Pubg Mobile main game to enjoy a much richer experience.

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