How can I get free US number?

Free US Number

Though getting a free US number is confined to only US citizens but using this technique anyone can get this number for free whether they are US citizens or not. 

A local US phone number is required for the verification purpose but if in case you don’t have it then don’t worry, because it has a solution to sort this out. And 2ndLine Apk which is very helpful in utilizing the 2nd free number to make free calls and messages.

Following is the simple method of getting a local US number for free: 

  • In the first step, you are asked to log in and if you are new to this page then you need to sign up 
  • The second step requires you to fill all the information and asks you to continue 
  • In the third step, you simply verify your email address and get a free US number from the provided link
  • In the next step click on I Agree to proceed 
  • Now click on “GO to My Call Centric” under your username there will be a number with 1888******* format 
  • Finally, go to the and fill the given information which is as follows: 
  • You can choose your account type such SIP 
  • Choose Area Code for your IPKall Number: (454)
  • SIP username: finally put your CallCentric number here which will be in the following format e.g. 1888******* 
  • Hostname or IP address: 
  • In the end, you need your email and password which you used on and click submit
  • You will receive an email along with your details where you get your US number but first, you need to register it
  • Download express talk 
  • When installing is done, select yes on I have a SIP account and give your details 
  • Your US number will be registered when you successfully login.  

The following step could lead you to have a free US number. 

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