Pubg Mobile Lite vs. Pubg Mobile (2020)

Very recently, Pubg was upgraded version 0.18 and it’s new season 13 launched. The new version named as Pubg Mobile Madmiramar has been reported to have too many bugs. And several users switched to the Pubg Mobile Lite version. In this post, I’m going to compare what’s the main difference between the two versions of Pubg game. Pubg Lite Pubg Lite’s name describes everything about the game. It is the lite version of the main game, meaning that this version

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How can I get free US number?

Though getting a free US number is confined to only US citizens but using this technique anyone can get this number for free whether they are US citizens or not.  A local US phone number is required for the verification purpose but if in case you don’t have it then don’t worry, because it has a solution to sort this out. And 2ndLine Apk which is very helpful in utilizing the 2nd free number to make free calls and messages.

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